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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Most Popular Massage Gifts at NJ Day Spas

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Most of us already know that a gift certificate for a massage at a NJ day spa is one of the most popular gifts for any occasion.  Massage gifts are very versatile, perfect for men, women, teens, athletes, couples and more!  There are so many massages to choose from including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Hot Rock…the list goes on and on.

So how do you know which massage gift is perfect for the person on your list?

Types of Massages at ABC Day Spa in NJ

At our Monmouth County day spa, we offer a diverse selection of massage therapies.  The most commonly requested massage and best known is the Swedish massage.  This is a therapy that focuses on relaxation by using a light to medium touch to circulate blood throughout the body, reduce tension and relieve stressed muscles.

A Swedish massage can be a great gift for anyone, but some men and women prefer something a little more intense, something with a stronger touch.  And that’s where our Deep Tissue (therapeutic) massage becomes the next best choice.  A deep tissue massage uses a medium to heavy touch to work through knotted muscles that have become stiff and painful due to tension, stress, and sometimes injury.  A deep tissue massage by one of our skilled massage therapists will literally melt away pressure, stress and tension that is building up inside the body and leave you feeling care-free and completely relaxed.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, the Hot Rock massage fits this bill nicely.  This is a widely popular massage at our NJ day spa that incorporates a Swedish-like touch using warm basalt stones that are placed on key energy points throughout the body.  The warmth from the stone encourages circulation and then each stone is used to massage the body from head to toe.  It’s an enlightening experience!Still, there are so many more to choose from!  But don’t get overwhelmed.  If you purchase a gift certificate for a Swedish massage for someone and they prefer a Deep Tissue, they can still use their gift certificate and pay for the difference.

We all know that massage therapy feels wonderful!  But did you know that massage therapy is also wonderful for us?

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Regular massage therapy has been shown to lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, relax muscles, improve range of motion, and increase endorphins (enhancing medical treatment).

So, while you may think of massage therapy as pampering, it is also very necessary for maintaining optimal health and wellness.

See our list of NJ massage services online.

Buy your spa gift certificate online 24/7!  Our online store is always open. Print and send your gift or email it in an instant!

Best Massage Prices in NJ

You want the best massage in NJ at the right price?  Call ABC Day Spa today at 732.625.1600 and see what we are all about.  We are changing the way spas do things here in NJ and we think you’re going to like it.

Check out our entire menu of NJ spa services including valuable membership options that make going to the spa every month much more affordable!

Call ABC Day Spa: 732-625-1600

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