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Skin Care Expert Recomend Good Eye Cream That Fight Dark Circle And Aging?

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Q: Does anyone have any good eye cream that fight dark circle and aging?

A: Hello, this is Valentina Chistova – Skin Care Expert from NJ.

To be honest with you there is no straight answer to this question because you need to understand the origin of this problem.  And from my 28 years in the skincare industry my answer will not be helpful to some of you. But it always a hope and I will be more than happy to recommend you Lierac ‘Diopticerne Cream for Dark Circles’ from France.

This double-action corrector treats the appearance of dark circles and fatigue under the eyes. Formulated with ingredients that treat the causes of both blue and brown dark circles, this treatment is highly in revitalizing the eye contour. Benefits: Suitable for all skin types. Lightweight formula is cosmetic friendly. Contains no parabens, phenoxyethanol or added fragrance.

DIOPTICERNE Dark Circles Intensive Treatment & Concealer Cream contains arnica and ruscus to activate micro-circulation, vitamin E to help strengthen the capillary wall, together with the LIERAC depigmenting complex which contains stabilised vitamin C, mandresy extracts and micro algae to regulate the formation of melanin and lipofuscine. The result? Brighter and fresher eyes.

Directions of use:

  • Using light patting motions, apply morning and night for a minimum of 1 month over dark under-eye circles.

I was working with this line for several years and my clients were very happy with this product. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope it will work for you.

I know that these days you can buy Lierac products at CVS Pharmacy.

If you have any further questions or any skin care concerns please email me at or visit my blog

Read about Lierac- Europe’s Anti-Aging Expert Cosmeceutical skin and body care

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1  Skin Care Expert Recomend Good Eye Cream That Fight Dark Circle And Aging?

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