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Product for women who are experiencing hormonal changes before, during and after menopause.

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Best Anti Aging Product I recommend H50 THERAPY™ SERUM Hormonal Changes GM Collin, a leading beauty brand, was founded in France in 1957. Since then, GM Collin has continued to create fantastic and effective skin care products for every skin type. Specifically formulated for women who are experiencing hormonal changes before, during and after menopause. [...]

Lipo-Lift Massage Kit For You To Use At Home

Lipo-Lift Massage Kit Inspired by the “knead-and-roll” massage, Lipo-Lift Massage Kit was developed in collaboration with a physiotherapist specializing in edema and cellulite treatment.  It’s a unique system to help visibly reduce the appearance of dimpling and “orange peel” skin Benefits: The synergistic combination of Lipo-Lift Massage Gel with the Body Massager used in the [...]

Skin Care Expert Recomend Good Eye Cream That Fight Dark Circle And Aging?

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Q: Does anyone have any good eye cream that fight dark circle and aging? A: Hello, this is Valentina Chistova – Skin Care Expert from NJ. To be honest with you there is no straight answer to this question because you need to understand the origin of this problem.  And from my 28 years in [...]

Anti Aging Eye Cream From Valentina

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Liposome Eye Gel – For all skin types especially sensitive eyes. The liposomes in this soothing gel are encapsulated with Japanese Green Tea which help reduce skin     irritation. Sodium Hyaluronate binds moisture and helps moisturize and lubricate tissues around the eye area. Great eye treatment for contact lens wears. Fragrance free. APPEARANCE Cool clear gel, [...]

Winter Versus Summer Skin Care

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Just as your body needs different clothing to protect it against the changing weather, your skin needs a different skin care regime to properly protect it from the elements. As the body’s largest organ, skin is far more delicate than you probably realize. Here is a closer look at how winter versus summer affects skin [...]

Body and Face Masks

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Question: I love how it feels after I put a mask on my face at home or at a spa.  I was wondering if this would work just as well for my entire body. What are the benefits of a body mask and good materials for them? Valentina: Clay is a material often used for [...]

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