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How often should I get a massage?

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One of the more frequent questions clients ask me is “How often should I get a massage?”

For most clients the minimum is one massage every 4-6 weeks but that’s for a client who is generally healthy, works out weekly, and doesn’t have an extremely stressful job/lifestyle.

If you have problems with a certain area (upper back and shoulders for example) you’ll likely need to come more often. Also when you first start getting massage you’ll need to come more often to have your problem areas addressed and bring fast relief.

The fast relief won’t last if  you don’t follow up.  Massage, like accupuncture has better effects cumulatively rather than just  getting a treatment once in a while.  Although every client and situation is different some things are generally true regarding massage such as, if you come in for a really intense muscular problem, you’ll need weekly (or even more often) visits at first.

After this intensive phase, most clients can slow down to every other week treatments and then in the final stage for maintaining the release and other benefits massage brings a monthly schedule works well.

There is a caveat though, if you have a high stress job or lifestyle or work out daily, you’ll probably need weekly massages. One of my clients has an EXTREMELY stressful job and a long commute. I often see her twice a week. Once a month massage would not be beneficial for some clients because the long period in between sessions doesn’t allow the muscles to get used to the relaxation and often clients are just as tight at the first session as they are at subsequent sessions because too much time has elapsed.

How can you tell what schedule is right for you?  Speak with your therapist! I often tell clients how often they should come in and send them an email after their session with my recommendations. Remember you can always call or stop by ABC Day Spa to speak with a massage therapist about the type of massage and massage schedule that’s right for you!

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