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Reflexology helps with Women’s issues.

Q.    Can reflexology help with Women’s issues, specifically PMS and Menopause.

A.    A study by Terry Oleson, PhD., and William Flocco Randomized Controlled Study of Premenstrual Symptoms Treated With Ear, Hand and Foot Reflexology sought to determine whether reflexology therapy can significantly reduce PMS symptoms compared to placebo treatments.  Oleson and Flocco found that this randomized controlled study showed that true reflexology treatment led to a significantly greater reduction in PMS symptoms than did placebo reflexology (Obstetrics& Gynecology 1993:82:906-11)

Reflexology sessions twice a week lasting 20 – 30 minutes can help make menopausal symptoms more bearable and relieve the stress and tension that cause so many side effects.  Special attention to several reflex areas include:  Thyroid – to help normalize calcium and phosphorus levels in bone, Brain to release hormones which help in dealing with stress, Hypothalamus to help control body temperature Uterus, Ovaries and Fallopian tubes - to maintain circulation to uterus, regulate estrogen level, and stimulate and relax fallopian tubes.

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