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Spa Gift, the Perfect Gift

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It’s only September, but of course we are already thinking about the holiday season and the influx of customers who will be buying NJ spa gift certificates online.  This is my favorite time of year.   Receiving a spa gift is always a welcomed pleasure. In addition to making us feel good, a trip to the spa brings so many health benefits.

Why Spa Gifts Make Great Gifts

You might say that I am biased because I own two spas: ABC Day Spa in Freehold NJ and Aquamedica Spa in Long Branch NJ.  But honestly, I really believe that a spa gift certificate makes an excellent gift for a holiday, birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, or just because!  How many gifts do you know of that can bring utter and total pleasure to the recipient while also providing numerous health and well-being benefits??  Not many!

When we think of a Swedish Massage in NJ, we think of pampering, luxury and total relaxation.  Who wouldn’t want that?  But did you also know that massage therapy offers a host of health benefits?

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Regular massage therapy has been shown to lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, relax muscles, improve range of motion, and increase endorphins (enhancing medical treatment).

Although deep tissue massage does not increase muscle strength, it can stimulate weak, inactive muscles and, thus, partially compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity resulting from illness or injury. It also can hasten and lead to a more complete recovery from exercise or injury.

So, while you may think of massage therapy as pampering, it is also very necessary for maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Spa Gifts for Everyone

Another reason why spa gifts make excellent gifts is because they are good for almost everyone!  At ABC Day Spa and Aquamedica Spa, both Monmouth County Spas, we have tailored menus for men, women and teens.  You can choose special services that are designed to meet the needs of their intended audience, OR, purchase a gift certificate in any dollar amount and let the recipient choose their favorite spa treat!

So now that you are understanding some of the many benefits of purchasing a spa gift certificate for someone special, I have but one question for you.  What are you waiting for?

Buy your spa gift certificate online 24/7!  Our online store is always open. Print and send your gift or email it in an instant!

Buy a gift certificate from ABC Day Spa

Buy a gift certificate from Aquamedica Spa

Need help?  Email Valentina, the day spa expert and she will help you choose the perfect gift!

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