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Eyebrow Microblading for Men - Central NJ - Valentina Chistova

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Eyebrow Microblading for Men

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Brow Microblading for Men

The shaggy look in men’s eyebrows has become passé in various quarters, with some guys choosing microblading to trim and neaten their eyebrows. Could it be that they, like women, have succumbed to the pressure of media images of perfect people? Or is the metrosexual style still being embraced? Regardless of the reasons, you’ll see many more men with groomed eyebrows walking around these days.

Microblading FAQs

What is microblading?

It’s a form of tattooing, but it uses several small needles to form a blade of “hair” on your eyebrows. The pigment implanted under the skin isn’t as deep as a standard tattoo, and it’s semi-permanent. And that means true semi-permanent, as in only having to come back for touchups every six months.

Does it hurt to get your brows microbladed?

There’s pain involved, but it’s less than most tattoos. Numbing cream is used to lessen the discomfort during the process. The microblading result is accomplished by making tiny cuts in the skin of the eyebrow area using a row of needles that are dipped in pigment. This deposits pigment in the cuts, and in a few days the skin heals over the pigment.

What’s the recovery time?

The pain and any swelling will go away in a couple of days. Some people experience itching for a few days afterward. For at least a week, however, the skin has to be kept as dry as possible. This means no sweating or washing the area with water. For the first two weeks, there can also be flaking of the skin that was microbladed. Triple antibiotic cream and Vaseline will help the area heal and protect it from moisture. Eyebrows look darker than the final product for the first few days, and that’s because they actually have tiny scabs on them where the microblading was performed.

Is microblading costly?

It can be expensive, up to several hundred dollars for a session. Part of the reason for the high cost of the procedure is that the fee usually includes a follow-up session a few weeks later to touch up the brows. After the touchup, the recovery procedure has to be followed for another seven days.

Men and Microblading

Men who work in industries that value looks, like modeling or acting, often define their eyebrows by shaping them with tweezers and using fillers. Part of the reason they’re drawn to microblading is avoiding the expense of makeup and the time it takes to get the perfect eyebrows each day. For the average guy, there are a variety of reasons that microblading can make a difference in ease of grooming and self-confidence.

A man with bushy eyebrows may want to have them trimmed back and enhanced with microblading to give a more well-groomed appearance. Like women, some men have patchy places on their eyebrows or ends that have thinned out compared to the rest of the hair. Or it might be a question of symmetry. There’s a saying that eyebrows are “sisters, not twins” and variation in them is normal. But a guy with two brows that are significantly different might turn to microblading to even them up.

Microblading for men is a subtle cosmetic alteration. Most men want to have their eyebrows thickened or shaped just enough to make a difference, but not so much that it will be easily noticed. A microblading session for a man can be easier because the eyebrows are usually already fairly thick. With a female, the technician adds arch to the eyebrows as well as filling them in.

Julia Milin, founder of Brow Design International, says that men’s eyebrows should be uniform with no gaps. She goes for a “chiseled” effect more than an obviously styled look for men. Milin says well-drawn masculine brows can add drama to the face, but the most important part of microblading for men is finding just the right look for each individual.

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