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Skin Care for Oily T Zone Problems

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The most common area of struggle for people with oily skin is the t-zone.  Your t-zone consists of your forehead, nose and chin (Imagine drawing a T on your face). The t-zone is notorious for having excess oil, acne and blackheads for people who fall in the oily or combination skin type.

Shiny skin can be embarrassing and problematic, but don’t let your t-zone bring you down.  If you follow a proper skin care regimen for your skin type, you can help improve the appearance of your t-zone and diminish unsightly acne.

How to Treat the T-Zone

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is that they treat their entire face for a problem that only exists in a small area.  If your t-zone is the only area of your face that produces excess oil, you don’t need to use harsh, drying products on the rest of your face.  What you need to do is treat specific areas for their specific problems. Which means you’ll need a few different skin care products.

Cleansing your skin:  For dealing with excess oil, cleanse only the affected area with a product meant specifically for oily skin.  A common ingredient to help fight shine and acne is salicylic acid. You can find cleansers made with salicylic acid at any pharmacy or drug store. Over-the-counter products work just fine.   You can wash the rest of your face with a gentle cleanser for normal skin.

Astringents: Astringents are great for drying up excess oil, but be careful not to over dry your skin.  If you are using an astringent for oily skin, test the product first before jumping into a morning and night routine.   To test the product, start with applying the product just one time per day, in the morning preferably before you apply your makeup.  Over the next few days, if your skin is not drying out but still quite shiny, move to 2 times per day.  The danger of drying out your skin is that it will automatically put your oil glands on high alert to produce more oil!  Remember, only use the astringent in the areas that are oily (the t-one).

Acne Fighting Products: If your t-zone is prone to blackheads, and most with oily skin are, you can treat that area with an anti-acne product 1-2x per day.  Again, salicylic acid is great for cleaning out pores.  Try a topical product with this ingredient.

The most important thing to remember in treating an oily t-zone is to NOT over dry the skin by using harsh products multiple times per day.  Over drying the skin will only promote even more oil.  Instead, throughout the day, use oil blotting sheets to soak up any excess oil your skin is producing and be gentle on your skin.

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About Valentina Chistova

Valentina Chistova is a world-renowned aesthetician and beauty expert whose experience encompasses all facets of skin care and body treatments. Internationally trained, educated and certified, Valentina has devoted more than twenty years to her profession.

Valentina is a member of the National Cosmetology Association and a CIDESCO candidate (Comite International Desthetique et de Cosmetologie Desthetique), which is the highest degree of beauty therapy certification available in the United States and worldwide. Most recently, Valentina completed a rigorous training program with the Spanish organization Wontersaf, one of the world’s leading centers for trichology, capillary diagnostics and scalp and hair treatment to combat hair loss and other hair dysfunctions. Valentina also holds a Registered Nursing Degree from Kharkov State University and Cosmetology degrees from the Kharkov Medical Institute in the Ukraine and the Capri Institute of Cosmetology in New Jersey.

Valentina is the owner and director of skin care for Aquamedica Salon and Day Spa in Long Branch NJ.

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