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Acne on The Chin, Why Teens Experience this Problem. NJ Skin Care Expert Talks

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teen acne150 Acne on The Chin, Why Teens Experience this Problem. NJ Skin Care Expert Talks

Question: Hi Valentina – why does my teenage son only get bad acne around his chin and lower cheeks? The rest of his face seems fine.

Valentina: This is very common for teens. Acne around the chin is usually from overactive hormones, something all teens most likely will experience. The overactive hormones produce extra sebum (oil) around the chin and lower jaw line which tends to cause higher levels of acne there.

Your teen should be on a good skin care regimen. He should wash his face twice a day and follow that up with a toner and acne treatment for affected areas. If areas of his face are dry he should use a gentle moisturizer for those areas. Use an acne fighting exfoliator at least once a week as well.

It is a good idea to begin him on a monthly teen facial routine. The facial will help extract any impurities that are trapped beneath the skin’s surface. Removing them during a facial will often prevent them from forming whiteheads later on. Our Valentina’s teen facial is formulated specifically for the problems of teen skin, we use all natural, anti-oxidant products.

It is important to regularly clean cell phones as well. Cell phones are notoriously dirty and full of bacteria. We often press them up against our cheeks when we talk which can cause breakouts. Also try to keep his hands away from his face. When oils from our fingers are transposed onto our skin, breakouts are likely.

If his skin does not respond to over the counter medicine, a dermatologist can recommend a prescription to treat his acne.

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