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Anti-Aging Skin Care- How do Peptides in Skin Care Products Work?

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Question: Hi Val, there has been so much talk about peptides and anti-aging skin care products. I wonder, what do peptides do and do they really work?

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Valentina: You are right, anti aging Peptides are a popular subject, and for good reason.  Peptides are short chains of amino acids. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins and many other different types of organic molecules. They are easily absorbed by our bloodstream, and for this reason, they have become very popular and effective in anti aging skin care products.

Anti Aging- How Do Peptides Work?

There are many different peptides, and each peptide works in a different way to provide an anti-aging effect on your body.  Some help relax facial wrinkles while others help increase collagen production which can plump up fine lines and wrinkles.  When we age collagen is destroyed and is not naturally replaced.  As a result skin becomes thin and wrinkled over time.

One strategy to improve winkles and to make you look younger is to replace lost collagen. When certain peptides are applied to the skin, they act as a signal to tell your skin it was damaged and to make new collagen.

The most popular single peptide for cosmetic use is palmitoyl pentapeptide (Matrixyl). It can be found in many peptide skin products and might be effective in improving the appearance of fine lines.

You can find this active ingredient in many common drug store/department store products like Strivectin and much less expensive products like Regenerist by Oil of Olay.

How to Get the Best Anti Aging Results From Peptides

Remember, peptides are easily absorbed, but not if you have a buildup of dead skin cells on your face.  This can block absorption of your most expensive beauty products.  Protect your investment.  Remember to exfoliate and have a professional microdermabrasion performed 1x every 3 months.  This way you can be sure that your products will perform as promised.

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3 Responses to “Anti-Aging Skin Care- How do Peptides in Skin Care Products Work?”
  1. skin care says:

    thanks informative post.

  2. If you are searching for antiaging beauty products make sure the products you select contain collagen and elastin.

    While many are engrossed in looking for the best anti-aging product, there are also people who maintain an indifferent approach to aging. They just don’t see aging as a big deal thus they make no effort to maintain skin moisture.

    A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can contribute to the elasticity of your skin.A good anti-aging skin care treatment never underestimates the value of taking 10-12 glasses of water daily.

    A healthy way of life will sure have a great impact on your anti aging beauty treatment.

  3. Carlos Roosa says:

    With the exemption of plastic surgery, there’s no anti- aging product which will give overnight results. These products can not do miracles. Reducing the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, puffiness and dark circles around the eye lids are quite gradual and it will take a period of one or two months. Undergoing laser treatment and taking injections are a few of the cosmetic procedures which will give outcomes quicker but they are extremely costlier and uncomfortable. All forms of skin care product should be employed with care since they may possibly have the reactions like skin irritation, redness and dryness. If these symptoms persist for a lot more than three to 5 days, discontinue the medications and see your dermatologist.

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