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Is Your Child’s Back to School Beauty Routine Causing Their Acne Problems?

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Acne rears its ugly head just in time for the big day! As back to school mayhem begins, teens all over the country will be putting their best face forward for the big day.  Parents need to know how their new back to school beauty routines and activities could play a role in the development or worsening of teen acne.

Acne is caused by over productive hormones. An excess of oil secreted by sebum glands causes the skin’s pores to become clogged, producing bacterial outbreaks more commonly referred to as zits or pimples.  So how is going back to school going to make your child’s zits worse?  Let’s take a closer look:

Back to School Blackheads Part I

Stress and acne we know can go hand in hand.  Stress can cause our oil glands to produce more oil, which can in turn produce more pimples.  Going back to school is a stressful time, going back to school with a fresh breakout of acne can be even worse.  Be mindful of any stress or duress your child may be experiencing as the upcoming school semester approaches.

Be sure your teen is following a proper skin care regimen that is specifically geared towards his or her skin.  Just because teens have acne, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to treat them all for oily skin. Most teens have combination skin and need to be treated for such.  Take your teen to a professional skin care expert before they start a new cleansing regimen. Have their skin examined and get recommendations as to what type of products would best be suited for their skin.

Teen girls heading back to school may be wearing new or more make-up than they had over the summer.   Or this may be the first time they are wearing any make up in general.  Cosmetics can cause outbreaks, especially cosmetics containing mineral oil.  Be sure to buy only cosmetics that are labeled ‘non comedogenic’, most of the popular brands like Cover Girl and Neutrogena have an entire selection of non comedgenic cosmetics which be better suited for your teen’s skin.

Non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic products are less likely to cause blackheads or whiteheads. However, no single product is non-comedogenic for everyone.  If your teen is suffering from acne, even though she is using non-comedogenic makeup, you may want to try mineral makeup.

There are still other areas of back to school beauty and routines that may be causing acne breakouts, but we will examine them in the next blog…so stay tuned for our Back to School Beauty Breakout Blog series…

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