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Skin Care for Men

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Do men really need their own skin care products? Well, yes and no. You see, men’s skin IS different from ours, in many different ways. For starters, a man’s skin is thicker, firmer, has larger pores, contains more Elastin, and is usually more oily than a woman’s. Most men’s skin care products address these specific issues.

Of course, there are women’s products that also treat oily skin and large pores, making the line between men’s and women’s skin care products somewhat blurred.

One of the biggest differentiators in product lines is fragrance. I’m sure you’ve noticed if you ever had to use your guy’s face wash that it had a heavy cologne smell to it. Women’s products tend to be fragrance free or very lightly scented at best.

While there is no harm in a woman using a men’s skin care product and vice-versa, I typically recommend that a man use a man’s and a woman use a woman’s. Like I said, men have very different skin from women and we need to treat our skin differently.

A product that treats oily skin for men may be too strong for a woman, since men’s skin is naturally more oil and may require more control. Also, man’s skin requires a different type of moisture than a women’s skin, since the pH level of men’s facial skin is different.

Men’s facial skin commonly suffers from redness, razor burn, break-outs, dryness or excessive oiliness. All of these conditions are preventable and treatable with over-the-counter skin care products and a smart skin care regimen.

You may also notice that salons and spas now offer varying menus for men and women. Men now have their own types of facials that are geared at treating those common problems. A facial for a man will use cleansers, toners and moisturizers that work with a man’s pH level. This will attend to their special needs as well as aid in keeping moisture levels balanced, thereby reducing irritation from shaving.

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About Valentina Chistova

Valentina Chistova is a world-renowned aesthetician and beauty expert whose experience encompasses all facets of skin care and body treatments. Internationally trained, educated and certified, Valentina has devoted more than twenty years to her profession.

Valentina is a member of the National Cosmetology Association and a CIDESCO candidate (Comite International Desthetique et de Cosmetologie Desthetique), which is the highest degree of beauty therapy certification available in the United States and worldwide. Most recently, Valentina completed a rigorous training program with the Spanish organization Wontersaf, one of the world’s leading centers for trichology, capillary diagnostics and scalp and hair treatment to combat hair loss and other hair dysfunctions. Valentina also holds a Registered Nursing Degree from Kharkov State University and Cosmetology degrees from the Kharkov Medical Institute in the Ukraine and the Capri Institute of Cosmetology in New Jersey.

Valentina is the owner and director of skin care for Aquamedica Salon and Day Spa in Long Branch NJ.

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