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Acne Skin – help please?

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Acne and Skin Care Good skin care practices play only a minor role in whether a person develops acne. But they are essential to treating it, and to good skin health in general. Some believe, mistakenly, that a thorough scrubbing will help prevent acne. Actually, washing has little effect on whether acne develops or not. [...]

NJ Skin Care Expert Launches New Beauty Blog Site For Consumers

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Valentina Chistova, an internationally trained skin care expert, launches beauty blog for consumers.  The beauty blog provides information, advice and answers to consumers who send questions to Valentina. Anti-Aging and acne skin care specialist puts information and beauty advice online.  Consumers can send in questions for Valentina to answer, get product reviews and general info [...]

Gifts for Parents during Tough Time

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Question: What Gift Certificate do you recommend buying for my parents’ anniversary? I want them to relax…This year is very stressful, my dad lost his job and I think going to a spa will be great for them…Do you offer specials for these tough times? Valentina: Currently, Aquamedica is offering a Swedish Massage & Atlantic [...]


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We all want to look younger, more refreshed and rejuvenated. But, there’s a million and one products and treatments out there that claim to deliver miracle results. So how do you know which to choose and which is best for you? The popularity of the Peel is become more apparent across NJ Day Spas and [...]