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MICROBLADING Vs Permanent Makeup

December 6, 2017 by  
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MICROBLADING Vs Permanent Makeup Thick, defined eyebrows are all the rage, so it’s no wonder that people are turning to permanent and semi-permanent makeup procedures. These treatments help women achieve natural, long-lasting results. A perfectly arched pair of eyebrows can transform the face, and eyebrow microblading can give women the eyebrows of their dreams. What [...]

Microblading by Valentina

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Microblading NJ Eyebrows are our most noticeable feature, whether they are arched or straight, they are one of the first thing that is noticed when talking to another person. An expression is noticed through the eyebrows. If you are not satisfied with the eyebrows you have, you can try microblading. What is Microblading? Eyebrow Microblading [...]

My skin has changed for the better so much…

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I started going to Valentina a few months ago, my skin has changed for the better so much. I am not the most disciplined in taking care of my skin so I really needed help. Valentina is amazing! I joined their monthly club and I will continue for a long time to come. Thanks Valentina! [...]