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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Brazilian Wax After Care Tips to Avoid Red Bumps

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Tips to Avoid Brazilian Wax Bumps

Brazilian wax bumps, or ingrown hairs, can occur after waxing services if you don’t care for your skin properly. The bikini area is highly sensitive, when we are pulling hair out from its root, it can create irritation.  If you don’t care for the skin properly after a Brazilian wax, or any waxing service for that matter, these irritating red bumps can appear.

There are a number of things that should and shouldn’t be done to ensure the best results from your waxing services; here are a few:

  1. Continue to cleanse and tone the skin 3 times a day up to 48 hours after your waxing services.
  2. Do not apply any other product after waxing, because the dilated pores can get blocked and this can lead to infection.
  3. Refrain from using any scented moisturizers 48 hours after your wax.
  4. You must avoid exposure to the sun and sun tanning beds 24 hours after your waxing service, because the skin is still in the process of healing.
  5. Refrain from wearing tight clothes and underwear directly after waxing. Give preference to loose fitting clothes for a day or two because the skin is still sensitive.
  6. Don’t go swimming or hot-tubbing soon after waxing. Water can contain bacteria that can very easily penetrate the skin through the still-open pores.  Bacteria cause infection, which lead to whiteheads and ingrown hairs.

If you keep your skin clean and free of products that can clog pores, you should be able to avoid post-waxing bumps on any area of your body.

Brazilian Wax NJ

To book a Brazilian bikini wax at ABC Day Spa in Freehold, visit http://www.abcdayspa.com/brazilian_waxing_nj.shtml

To book a Brazilian bikini wax at Aquamedica Salon & Spa in Long Branch, visit http://www.aquamedicaspa.com/body_wax.html

To send a question to Valentina, send an email to info@dayspaexpert.com

About Valentina Chistova- Brazilian Wax Expert

Valentina Chistova is a world-renowned aesthetician and beauty expert whose experience encompasses all facets of skin care and body treatments. Internationally trained, educated and certified, Valentina has devoted more than twenty years to her profession.

Valentina is a member of the National Cosmetology Association and a CIDESCO candidate (Comite International Desthetique et de Cosmetologie Desthetique), which is the highest degree of beauty therapy certification available in the United States and worldwide. Most recently, Valentina completed a rigorous training program with the Spanish organization Wontersaf, one of the world’s leading centers for trichology, capillary diagnostics and scalp and hair treatment to combat hair loss and other hair dysfunctions. Valentina also holds a Registered Nursing Degree from Kharkov State University and Cosmetology degrees from the Kharkov Medical Institute in the Ukraine and the Capri Institute of Cosmetology in New Jersey.

Valentina is the owner and director of skin care for Aquamedica Salon and Day Spa in Long Branch NJ and ABC Day Spa in CentraState.

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