Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Brazilian Wax During Winter in NJ- Do You or Don’t You?

We know our favorite Jersey gals are devoted Brazilian wax fans all summer long at the Jersey shore.  But when winter arrives – do you still wax or do you take a hiatus?  Many people ask if they should still continue their Brazilian wax appointments over the winter.  There are many reasons why you should continue to wax all year long, but the ultimate decision is up to you.

If your Brazilian wax only serves the sole purpose of keeping your bikini ready all summer long, you may be inclined to break for the winter.  However, many women like to keep up with their Brazilian bikini wax all year long because they enjoy being hair free and silky smooth.  Many women say they feel ‘cleaner’ after their wax, plus you can stay hair free for several weeks.

Another great reason to keep up with your waxing all year long is that the more you wax, the less you will have to.  Sound confusing? Keep this in mind, the more you wax your hair, the less hair that continues to grow back.  Over time, you will notice that less and less hair grows back in area that is subject to repeated waxing.

This is great for the bikini area, not so great for eyebrows.  Have you ever noticed that your eyebrows don’t grow back like they used to? If you used to keep them very thin and now want them fuller, you may not be able to achieve that look after years of waxing.

Damaged follicles eventually will not re-grow hair. So waxing all year long is a great way to help thin out the amount of hair along your bikini line, or anywhere else.

Ultimately the decision is yours.  At our day spa in Old Bridge, we have our special spa membership packages and pre-paid spa gift cards that offer you discounted pricing on regular waxing, facial or massage services.  This helps to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite Day Spa services at prices that won’t break your bank!

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