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Valentina you totally saved my eyebrows …

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Hello. My name is Christine Cirillo and I am a beauty advisor and make up artist for Christian Dior and Valentina happened to be doing an eyebrow shaping and waxing event at the Lord n Taylor in the Monmouth Mall.

I WISH I would have met her sooner!!!  I have been getting my eyebrows threaded for years now and I will never go back threading them ever again!!!!

wax shape event Valentina you totally saved my eyebrows ...

Valentina brought to my attention how badly my eyebrows were damaged from getting them threaded. I had so many bald spots in my eyebrows and hairs were growing in all different directions. Valentina you totally saved my eyebrows and I have never felt so comfortable before in my life. You had me relaxed and SHOWED me where my brows were funky!

When people say you are a miracle worker they are not kidding. I can’t wait to see you again! I had a wonderful experience and now I have wonderful eyebrows thanks to you!!!!!!

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