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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Eyebrow Waxing for Men; To Pluck or Not to PlucK?

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 Body hair removal for men has been a hot ticket item at many salons and spas across the country.  As fashion for men moves to the forefront of the industry, many American men are getting into full body grooming, which includes wax hair removal from head to toe.

Men waxing hair off of their body isn’t anything new.  For decades men have been ‘taking off their sweaters’ to show off a cleaner, smoother torso.  But it seems that recently more and more men are coming to the spa to have their eyebrows waxed.  At first I have to admit, I was surprised.  Then I realized that this makes perfect sense.  Eyebrows after all have an incredible importance when it comes to our appearance.  Our Eyebrows shape and frame our features, so why shouldn’t a man care for his as well?

Eyebrow shaping for men is a slightly more delicate situation than it is for a woman.  A man’s eyebrows should look groomed, but not too groomed.  We don’t want them to be bushy, but at the same time we don’t want them to be too perfect. 

When I shape a man’s eyebrows, I use a combination of waxing to remove larger areas of hair and tweezing to remove fewer hairs that have gone astray.  The goal is to groom the eyebrows so that they look naturally shaped and not perfectly plucked.  Most of the same principals apply…the starting point, ending point and where the arch peaks.  The only difference is being careful not to over wax a man’s eyebrows.  Very thin eyebrows on a man could be seen as a feminine trait.  So we want to leave enough thickness in his brows to naturally match his masculine facial features. 

 I am happy to see more and more men coming to me for eyebrow waxing.  I have always said that eyebrows are a woman’s best fashion accessory, and I guess they are a man’s too!

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