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Eyebrow Waxing NJ | Eyebrow Shaping New Jersey - Central NJ - Valentina Chistova

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Eyebrow Waxing NJ | Eyebrow Shaping NJ

The obsession with eyebrows never grows old.  We’ve seen the most outrageous trends in eyebrow shaping over the years.  From barely there brows to big and beautiful, eyebrows are definitely one of our most prized fashion accessories.

The problem with these ever-changing eyebrow shaping trends is that they can really do damage to our brows.   Some of us who went wild over the barely-there brow look are still regretting that decision. Unfortunately, eyebrow hair doesn’t always grow back where and when you want it to. Repeated damage to the hair follicle can cause permanent damage, leaving your brows reminiscent of a trend that has long gone.

Now that celebs like Kim Kardashian and even Jennifer Lopez are making fashion statements with their brows, many women want that fuller look.  If you find yourself suffering from the ‘disappearing brow syndrome’, you are not alone.

After years and years of plucking and waxing, many women find that the hairs just don’t grow back anymore, and would now like the appearance of a fuller, shapelier brow.

Luckily, there are a few options for achieving a fuller look to your brows.  For those of us that want a more permanent solution, permanent makeup is an option, albeit a more expensive option.  Permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo.  The ‘makeup’ is applied by a skilled makeup artist using a feathering technique which can simulate the look of real hair be creating extremely fine lines.  The result is a soft, natural look.  The advantages of permanent eyebrow makeup are that it is permanent (obviously), looks natural, and never needs to be applied again.  Disadvantages—price.  It’s not the cheapest route to go.

If you are looking for a more cost effective solution to your thinning eyebrows, I recommend purchasing a brow shadow and brow shading brush.  Shadow should be purchased one shade LIGHTER than your natural brow color. If you’re eyebrows is very light, go one shade darker.  An eyebrow shading brush is usually on an angle and thin. This allows you to make very small, subtle enhancements to your brow without looking like you painted on extra volume.

Fill in any sparse areas with a touch of powder. If you want your eyebrows fuller, use the brush along the top of your brow line to add some extra color.  Don’t press to hard on the brush, you might find that you end up looking more like Groucho Marx if you do!  To extend the length of your brows, use the brush and follow the natural line of your brow beyond where it ends.

Shading your eyebrows takes some practice. So don’t be disappointed with the outcome of your first few attempts.

Eyebrow powder is cheap! For under $20, you can turn drab brows to fab brows

If you would like to ask me a question about waxing or skin care, please send an email to info@dayspaexpert.com

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About Valentina Chistova

Valentina Chistova is the owner and director of skin care and waxing at ABC Day Spa in CentraState. Learn more about her eyebrow shaping services online.

About ABC Day Spa at CentraState

Located within the renowned CentraState Wellness Center in Freehold, ABC Day Spa offers NJ guests the area’s leading health and beauty experts providing a comprehensive array of beauty, health and wellness services under one roof.

Focusing on fulfilling needs and wants, ABC Day Spa puts forth an all-encompassing menu of spa services, consisting of essential face, body and mind therapies, brought together in a professional spa atmosphere that promotes a commitment to self-awareness and the ability to pursue personal enhancement with comfortable menu prices and daily deals on spa treatments.

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