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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Arm and Body Waxing for Men at NJ Day Spas – What to Expect

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NJ men looking for silky, smooth skin all year round have discovered what us women have known for centuries…body waxing is one of the best methods!  Long lasting and affordable, body waxing services for men in NJ is on the rise.

Maybe it has something to do with those ‘Jersey Shore’ guys, or maybe guys are just realizing that stubble and coarse skin feels as bad as it looks.  Whatever it may be, we are certainly happy to welcome our growing number of men in for male body waxing services at ABC Day Spa in Monmouth County.

Why Arm Waxing for Men?

In almost any season, a man is showing his arms. Let’s face it, even in the middle of winter most of you are at the very least working out in the gym with a t-shirt or tank-top.  And of course throughout spring and summer a man’s arms are always exposed.

To keep your arms looking and feeling good, waxing is one of the most effective hair removal solutions that offers long-term benefits. By long term benefits I mean that over a long period of time, hair that has been consistently waxed grows back less dense.  Yes, you will actually notice a reduction in hair after continued waxing.

Another benefit is that waxing leaves your skin smooth for weeks. Unlike shaving, waxing pulls the hair out from the root, leaving the hair follicle empty.  It can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks, and sometimes longer depending on the person, for new hair to begin to re-grow.  And when it does, you will notice that the hair that breaks through the surface of the skin is soft, not coarse like it is after shaving.

Most Common Male Body Waxing Procedures

We have a complete menu of male body waxing services, but the most common are as follows:

Male arm waxing is very quick and easy. Men love that the hair does not grow arm quickly and that they do not have to shave their arm’s daily.

It’s Time to Bring Your Sexy Back!

If you are too afraid to try waxing then you will never know all of the wonderful benefits. We hear it all the time…’the results are so worth it because honestly who wants to shave every single day?’

To learn more about male arm waxing in NJ, visit ABC Day Spa online.  Also check out our blog that’s all about waxing services in NJ!

About Valentina Chistova

Valentina Chistova is a world-renowned aesthetician and beauty expert whose experience encompasses all facets of skin care and arm treatments. Internationally trained, educated and certified, Valentina has devoted more than twenty years to her profession.

Valentina is a member of the National Cosmetology Association and a CIDESCO candidate (Comite International Desthetique et de Cosmetologie Desthetique), which is the highest degree of beauty therapy certification available in the United States and worldwide. Most recently, Valentina completed a rigorous training program with the Spanish organization Wontersaf, one of the world’s leading centers for trichology, capillary diagnostics and scalp and hair treatment to combat hair loss and other hair dysfunctions. Valentina also holds a Registered Nursing Degree from Kharkov State University and Cosmetology degrees from the Kharkov Medical Institute in the Ukraine and the Capri Institute of Cosmetology in New Jersey.

Valentina is the owner and director of skin care for ABC Day Spa in Freehold NJ.

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