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Brazilian Wax For Men

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Good afternoon,
I recently had a bad experience when undergoing my first Brazilian wax at a spa
here in nyc. I am a straight male and would not subject myself to working with a
male waxer, so I went with a female technician.

As you know brazilian waxing requires almost complete nudity, and different
types of physical handling. Needless to say my body's reaction during the
experience left me embarrassed and my technician horribly offended. I will
probably not be allowed to return to that spa. 

But now I want to know if this situation sounds familiar and if there is
anything that can be done to put both parties at ease prior to this type of

Valentina Chistova:
First let me start off by saying that I am sorry to hear of your experience.   More and more men are requesting the same waxing services as women, and why shouldn’t they?  Like women, you want to keep yourself clean, groomed and sanitary.  Unfortunately, it still hasn’t been accepted as ‘the norm’ receiving Brazilian waxes or even bikini waxes.
Your body’s response was normal.  The best thing to do if you want to have this procedure again is to call and ask a facility if they are experienced in male bikini waxing or male Brazilian waxing.  You can even request to speak with the technician whom you will be seeing.  Ask her questions and see if you are comfortable with her.  Ask her if she performs this service regularly or how many she has performed.  If they sound serious over the phone, your chances of having a more pleasant experience are better.
You may have to try a few places before you find a facility that truly caters to men.  Another good idea would be to seek out a spa just for men, there are many more today then there used to be.  These spas cater to an all male clientele but offer female therapists.  Make sure you go to a ‘reputable’ facility, and not one that is involved in illegal activity.  There are plenty male only spas.
I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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