Tuesday, March 20, 2018

NJ Day Spa Offers Best Prices for Waxing Services

Old Bridge NJ Day Spa Offers Best Prices for Waxing Services

Summer is here and women everywhere are rejoicing for the low maintenance routine that comes with it. You can finally stash the blow-dryer for air-dried hair with beachy texture, cut back on foundation because of your natural sun-kissed glow, and throw on a breezy sundress. The only down side to any summer beauty routine is daily tweezing , trimming, and shaving.

Now is the time to simplify your routine even more and say good bye to plucking and shaving. Waxing is one of the preferred methods of hair removal and at ABC Day Spa in Freehold NJ (At the CentraState Wellness Center) you can reap the benefits of waxing for a discounted price, so you can save your money for a bright new bikini and that all-access beach pass for summer.

Not only will waxing services at our Monmouth County day spa save you money, but waxing in general can save you time. Although the process can be a little uncomfortable for beginners, waxing is done less often and doesn’t come with razor burn and unsightly nicks and cuts. This form of hair removal can also provide up to 3 weeks of no stubble and some say regular waxing can cause hair to grow back finer.

Male Body Waxing

Men are catching on that waxing is the best way to remove hair for an extended period of time.  Men are now also enjoying weeks of no shaving or plucking and best of all, no stubble!

We have a full menu of male body waxing services in addition to the menu we offer for women.  Guys, don’ be shy.  If you’re not waxing, you’re missing out.  Stop walking around with stubble on your chest, arms and legs.  Waxing is quick and lasts much longer.

ABC Day Spa offers ‘lifestyle’ pricing on ALL services.  When we say ‘lifestyle’, we mean that our prices are affordable and can fit into your lifestyle comfortably, so you can pamper and take care of yourself on a regular basis.

Visit us online to see all of our waxing services and a complete menu of prices.

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