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Can Men Wax Their Chest After Being in the Sun?

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Q: Dear Valentina—I wax my chest regularly all year round, but in the summer I go to the beach several times a week.  Can I still keep a waxed chest if I am always in the sun?—Robert K., New Jersey

A: Dear Robert-  This is a good question that you bring up and I am glad that you did.  It is possible to keep a waxed chest all year long, but there are a few precautions that you need to take.  By the sound of your email, it seems as though you are aware that waxing your skin immediately before or after sun exposure can be dangerous.   Your skin is more susceptible to being wounded after it has been burned by the sun.

Waxing essentially creates a wound on the skin, although the wound is not technically visible to the naked eye.  Waxing removes the upper most layer of skin (epidermis).  Sun burned skin has a tendency to rip right off—ouch!

Waxing right before sun exposure is equally as dangerous.  Your skin is less protected now that the upper most layer has been removed during the waxing process, making it easier to suffer a devastating sun burn.

So, in order to keep a well-groomed chest over summer, you’ll have to forgo some of your time in the sun.  Try to avoid the sun at least 24 hours before and after sun exposure (I prefer to recommend 48 hours—but 24 is pretty standard).  Also use a good SPF if you know you are going to get waxed in the next 1-2 days.

With that my dear, you can continue to wax during the summer.

For more information on waxing services for men check out my blog at: http://valentinachistova.com/

To schedule an appointment for waxing services in NJ, please visit Aquamedica.com.

If you would like to ask a specific question regarding your skin care or waxing concerns, please fee free to email me at info@dayspaexpert.com or join me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/valentina.chistova

About Valentina Chistova

Valentina Chistova is a world-renowned aesthetician and beauty expert whose experience encompasses all facets of skin care and body treatments. Internationally trained, educated and certified, Valentina has devoted more than twenty years to her profession.

Valentina is a member of the National Cosmetology Association and a CIDESCO candidate (Comite International Desthetique et de Cosmetologie Desthetique), which is the highest degree of beauty therapy certification available in the United States and worldwide. Most recently, Valentina completed a rigorous training program with the Spanish organization Wontersaf, one of the world’s leading centers for trichology, capillary diagnostics and scalp and hair treatment to combat hair loss and other hair dysfunctions. Valentina also holds a Registered Nursing Degree from Kharkov State University and Cosmetology degrees from the Kharkov Medical Institute in the Ukraine and the Capri Institute of Cosmetology in New Jersey.

Valentina is the owner and director of skin care for Aquamedica Salon and Day Spa in Long Branch NJ.

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