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Sunday, September 19, 2021

NJ Eyebrow Shaping Expert Gives The Skinny on Big Brows

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NJ Eyebrow Shaping Expert Gives The Skinny on Big Brows

Eyebrows have become the hottest fashion accessory.  From Kim Kardashian’s bold and beautiful brows to Angela Jolie’s delicate arches, your brows are visibly one of your best assets.

Your entire look can be transformed with the right shape.  It’s not just about thick or thin these days, everything from where your eyebrows start, arch and end plays a vital role in creating the perfect frame for not just your eyes but for your entire space.

NJ Eyebrow Shaping Tips

When I am about to shape someone’s eyebrows, I look at their overall face structure. How high their cheekbones are, how far apart their eyes are, and the shape of their eyes as well. I want to create the right ‘architecture’ to enhance their features and bone structure.

Look at your brows at home in the mirror. They should start at the inner corner of your eye and end at about a 45 degree angle from the end of your eye.

This season, brows definitely have a“wow” factor.  When Michelle Obama recently changed her dramatically angular brows, it really softened her look and improved her first lady status. While the celebrities in Hollywood may be on a different campaign trail, their eyebrows play an equally important role in setting trends and getting people talking.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

While large or almond-shaped eyes, like Kim Kardashians’, can get away with bold brows, those with smaller set eyes, like Jennifer Connelly, look best with a thinner shape.

The shape of your eyebrows is something that you don’t have total control over but you can accent certain features with the right tweezing.  Some people have naturally high, dramatically arched eyebrows, and some people have low, straight eyebrows.  Some have naturally thin brows and others have eyebrows that are much thicker.  Always remember no matter what celebrity you want to resemble, it is important get the brow shape that will work best with your facial shape and bone structure. This way, you can achieve a more groomed, nicely shaped eyebrow.

Valentina Chistova is the owner and director of skin care and waxing at ABC Day Spa in CentraState. Learn more about her eyebrow shaping services online.

About ABC Day Spa at CentraState

Located within the renowned CentraState Wellness Center in Freehold, ABC Day Spa offers NJ guests the area’s leading health and beauty experts providing a comprehensive array of beauty, health and wellness services under one roof.

Focusing on fulfilling needs and wants, ABC Day Spa puts forth an all-encompassing menu of spa services, consisting of essential face, body and mind therapies, brought together in a professional spa atmosphere that promotes a commitment to self-awareness and the ability to pursue personal enhancement with comfortable menu prices.

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